Tobias Peters WPTDeepStacks Europe Player of the Year

Tobias Peters WPTDeepStacks Europe Player of the Year

Datum: 12 jan. 2018 00:00

Tobias Peters is de aller eerste WPTDeepStacks Europe Player of the Year. Hij ontving de bokaal en het bijbehorende prijzenpakket gisterenavond in Berlijn, waar de World Poker Tour op dit moment is neergestreken. De Nederlander kende een fantastisch WPTDeepStacks seizoen, waarin hij vier keer het geld wist te halen en drie keer aan de finaletafel mocht aanschuiven.


Naast de bokaal ontving Tobias ook nog voor €15.000 aan buyins voor de WPT Main Tour en €5.000 voor de nieuwe DeepStacks toernooien.


Peters sprak met de World Poker Tour en hieronder kun je een aantal quotes uit dat interview lezen:


“It wasn’t until the tournament after that in Brussels that I found out what exactly was on offer for the Player of the Year!


It doesn’t matter if it’s a WPT or something else; every tournament you want to make the final table and you want to win.


“I knew it would be difficult so I didn’t even think about making it. Of course I was hoping for it, but I was just playing the tournament like every other tournament.


“It was only until I got to the last 14 players that I decided to really nit up to secure the seventh place. It was like a special €20,000 pay jump just for me. Luckily I succeeded and managed to come fifth so I was satisfied.”


“I know how difficult it was for me to make top seven, and Omar had to do the same. I knew Berlin was going to be bigger and therefore much harder.


“Omar is a really friendly player. He has his own playing style; everything he does is really quick. Sometimes it looks really weird, but it works for him and making two second places is a really big accomplishment so congratulations to him for that.


“Having really only one competitor was nice; yes, there were others who could get it if they won or finished second, but I was 99% sure that I would make it.”


Nadat zijn enige overgebleven concurrent was uitgeschakeld wist Tobias dat hij de prijs niet meer kon ontlopen


“I’m very proud,” he said, “Each year I always try to make the Dutch Player of the Year. I’ve made it for the last two years and although there’s no prize it’s all about the prestige.


“It’s nice therefore to win this POY title and to get the extra €20,000 in prizes.”


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Valkenburg € 1,000 + 100 No Limit Hold'em - WPTDS Main Event 2e - €39,895
Amsterdam € 1,350 + 150 No Limit Hold'em - WPTDS 4e - €19,710


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Eerder werd Peters al uitgeroepen tot beste Nederlandse speler van 2017 volgens de Global Poker Index.ww Poker Series


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