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For some people poker is all about fun. For a lot of other people, poker is all about getting better and winning more money. Sometimes you need a little help to get better and that's nothing to be ashamed of. There are several places online to get instructional video's and personal coaching, and one of the best is led by Ryan.


For this weeks interview, i sat down with Kazor. Kazor is working for YourDoomPoker as a PLO specialist and provides the website with instructional video's for both, transitioning players and experienced players. Besides that, he's also working as a PLO coach, so he must be an interesting man to have a chat with.



Can you tell us something about your introduction to the poker world?


I started like most people playing small sit and go's just to have a little entertainment and competition. I played these for almost two years and eventually moved into NL Holdem ring games. I was a fairly big winner at both given the stakes I was playing and eventually through research, reading, and contacts ended up as a member of the poker world. It was only later that I moved into PLO.



When did you choose to focus on Pot Limit Omaha instead of Texas Hold'em No Limit?


I always enjoyed playing different games and varying formats for experience and familiarity. I really enjoyed the action of PLO. I eventually chose PLO over NLHE because I was winning more in PLO and was having more fun playing it.



Why do you prefer Pot Limit Omaha over Texas Hold'em No Limit?


I eventually chose PLO over NLHE because I was winning more in PLO and was having more fun playing it. However, I do play both games.



When have you decided to take poker more serious and even try to make a living out of it and what was the response of your family and friends?


I do more then just poker but my playing more seriously was a little surprising to my family and friends but they knew I always played recreationally. It was the amount of time I was spending playing versus other endeavors that caught the attention of my family and friends. I have since balanced that out quite a bit more.



Have you ever played live tournaments and how did they end?


I have played some live tournaments before, most recently the 2014 WSOP. I played the monster stack and was chip leader at my table for about 8 straight hours but since you asked how it ended, it ended badly. I lost about 70% of my stack in a 3-bet pot when I had AK and flop was King high and opponent hit a set. I had a great time out in Vegas though especially with the side games.



How did you come in contact with and how did you end up working for them as a PLO specialist (coach)?


Yourdoom contacted me after doing some research on the top PLO instructors. I had already done instruction and videos for other sites including cardrunners. I did not feel making videos was worth my time/effort anymore since it is quite a lot of work. I had taken a couple years off and at this time yourdoom and pokerstrategy both had contacted me and I had some discussions with both and turned both offers down numerous times. Ryan, from yourdoom, was fairly persistent and eventually I agreed to make a series he could use for his site.



How many hours do you work for yourdoompoker on a weekly basis?


It really can vary and depends upon what is included. After making my first series, it was getting very good feedback and everyone was asking for an advanced series which was just released fairly recently. That series is getting exceptional feedback and I am glad I am able to help some players improve their games. I have always enjoyed teaching/coaching.



How does a regular (working) day in your life looks like?


Not at all like one would think. I am quite busy with other endeavors so I have no typical days. In terms of poker, I play a mix of online and live and while I do play every single week it is not the only thing that consumes my time.



What is do you think is the reason behind the succes of yourdoompoker?


I think the succsess of yourdoom poker goes to Ryan for finding not only excellent players but more importantly players who can also effectively teach and educate others about their respective games. I think with more advertising the site would do much better.



It's not cheap to hire a coach or to buy a video from the website you work for. Can you explain me, why people should invest the money, and what they get in return?


I can only speak about my series but people generally buy these videos for informational purposes. The information should improve a players knowledge base and ultimately improve their game. This, in turn, should improve their win rate. In poker, every single minute detail makes a difference. One single thing improved upon can increase ones win rate. While my videos have shown improvement in numerous areas, a single improvement in any area can translate into huge win rate improvements.



What kind of players should buy your video's and what players should hire you for some coaching?


My video series are good for both transitioning players and experienced players. I have two separate series available. The same goes for players looking for coaching, I coach any players who are looking to improve upon their game.



What makes you think that you can actually help them improve?


This is an excellent question. Obviously, as an established and experienced coach with tons of positive feedback I have been lucky enough to see the results of many of the players I have, and continue to, worked with on their game. I do like to use a complete database analysis to help hone in on any leaks and expand upon that through analysis of hands and discussion of thought processes throughout hands and sessions.



Who is in your eyes the best PLO player?


I have no idea as this currently changes. Last year I had the opportunity to play in a live poker fundraiser with mostly wall street professionals. I got to play and talk with Phil Galfond and Ben Sulsky (Sauce123). There was an after party I went to with Sauce and we did discuss some poker theory and I thought his thoughts on his own success were enlightening. The landscape of poker is constantly changing and the players who do the most work and adjust the best will always be at the top of the proverbial ladder.



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